Instinct Shamed By Artificial

My call of the wild
silenced by walls
where spoiling
has reduced my voice
to a pampered purr.

I stalk a cloth bird
filled with inedible
shaming instinct
with artificial.

Bored with domesticity
I rake my claws on any surface
to sharpen frustration,
and stare at freedom
beyond dusty glass.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

I have two loved and spoiled cats. I rescued the male cat, Bindi Lu, from right outside my door when a neighbor moved away and abandoned it. The female, Neytiri, I adopted from an organization that rescues cats. When I see them looking out the window, I imagined them to have thoughts at times where they wish they could run away. Well, at least until the next meal. :)

Peggy over at Real Toads has doing animal talk. :)


Vandana Sharma said…
:(No one should be caged
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh yes, even the housecat longs for adventure. Good one, Susie.
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Great description of a cat, were you inspired by your own
Susie Swanson said…
Awe, I love this. I bet you are feeling it as well. This is a wonderful poem.
Kathryn Dyche said…
Love this, one of my favorites.
L. Edgar Otto said…
The inside cat sometimes does not want to go outside... sometimes I feel that way, We cats in the window.
Jim said…
Nice writing, Susie. Cats like to sit in a sunny window and watch the outside go by. We turned our inside cat into an outside cat after she was ruining Mrs. Jim's sheers.

That was the best thing that happened to her. She showed her gratitude by bringing us dead snakes and rodents she would kill out in the trees. I am glad we did not declaw her, we wouldn't.

I made a YouTube video of me playing at our Guatemala hotel with a caged monkey. Several comments were negative about him being captive. The cage was large and was placed in the garden in back of the hotel.

At the animal preserves the animals are quite one rescued from injury or sickness and brought back to health. But many then would not be able to survive if turned loose out in the wild. Those that can are released. I am thinking Alaska and Tasmania of which I have knowledge.
Kay L. Davies said…
The shame and frustration and desire for freedom come across loud and clear here, Susie.
Peggy said…
Such an effective journey into a cat's head. Even the most spoiled kitty probably longs for adventure! Thanks for posting.
Ella said…
This was so well done! Bravo for going there~
Grace said…
I feel for those animals caged inside the house or room ~ The call for the wild must be frustrating for them ~
Margaret said…
Now see... I think cats are quite adaptable and when one says not to have "house cats" ... well, so many are killed for lack of homes. If I lived on a farm, great! But an inside cat is quite happy. I have two and they play and look out the window... they really are happy. I saved them - and they know no other way of life. I also had front feet declawed (as I have all my previous cats) and don't regret it as claws and inside house do not mix - at least never has for me.

I actually think those that say DON't declaw DON"T keep in side the house are going a bit too far - as they just doomed so many cats to horrible lives or death.

Anonymous said…
I love this. I think all cats have that perfect bored look, no matter where they are. My outdoor and indoor cats have it perfected!
Unknown said…
I applaud you ma'am!
humbird said…
Love this spoiled cat, but deep inside they all keep ancient wild nature! Nice poem :)
ed pilolla said…
that call just beyond the dusty glass. cool write. love your light touch.