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Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Eyes

Photo: Photobucket

baby blue eyes wink
where the sky and blossoms meet
clouds erase union

©Susie Clevenger 2013

  1. Nemophila is a genus found in the flowering plant family Hydrophyllaceae. Most of the species in Nemophila contain the phrase "baby blue-eyes" in their common names. N. menziesii has the common name of "Baby blue-eyes". Wikipedia


Abin Chakraborty said...

wonderful flowers.I found the last line quite intriguing.

Jim said...

They go forever in your picture. I know you wanted a few clouds on the horizon for the picture. They will come, don't worry, and the union will be broken. It happens.

Do you remember the (70's, earilier?) song, "Brown Eyes?"
Part of the refrain goes, "Beautiful brown eyes, I'll never love blue eyes again."

Peggy said...

Beautiful flowers and thought-provoking poem. Thanks.

razzamadazzle said...

Beautiful flowers! You describe that meeting of sky and flowers perfectly.

Timoteo said...

Feel like singin' da blues...

kaykuala said...

Beautiful blue, my fav color! Nicely Susie!


girlwiththepen1118 said...

pure un-erasable enchantment ! Sincerely Deborah

Kerry O'Connor said...

Your haiku is the perfect response to the flower.

Other Mary said...

Beautiful as the blues of the picture!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

What a lovely way to comment on that little flower, with a haiku. It's simply perfect! Thanks, Susie. Amy

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