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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rent To Own Rhapsody

You bring the flowers and romance
and I will bring happy until I am bored.
I so love vases of blooming spur of the moment
placed on the counter along with your beer.

We met on a high note…
the bang , the sizzle, the hell yeah
pumped us into we got love right this time!

Once the fireworks exploded it was a sulfur street
of blackened debris littering speculation with…
What’s next?

There’s still a few sparklers in our hands
 when you pull yourself from your sports obsession
and I push back thoughts of an empty checkbook from my head.

Our bare skin hip to hip reads the fantasies behind closed eyes
to let us ride lake splashes of passion until our bodies respond
to the wish burning our insides…!...!

Today is a day of grocery store roses dropping stale petals,
you snoring through the last touchdown running along
the sidelines of our rent to own T.V. 
and me picking up beer cans
littering the carpet soiled 
with this is as good as it gets.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

Kerry at Real Toads prompted us to write a rhapsody. 

Rhapsody (noun)

1. Exalted or excessively enthusiastic expression of feeling in speech or writing.
2. A literary work written in an impassioned or exalted style.
3. A state of elated bliss; ecstasy.
4. Music A usually instrumental composition of irregular form that often incorporates improvisation.
5. An ancient Greek epic poem or a portion of one suitable for uninterrupted recitation. 

Mine is more a red neck rhapsody. :)


Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh this is too too good, Susie! Who wouldn't clap their way through that first stanza, and hang on every line thereafter? Some carrying on, some going bananas, some elation in fine style!

grapeling said...

Sizzle and then it bites, Susie - nicely done ~ M

hedgewitch said...

I think you managed just the right touch with this, Susie--wry, realistic, yet still getting into the exuberance of what rhapsodizing is supposed to be. Redneck rhapsody, for sure. And believe me, there's a lot of yeeeee-hawin' when that's going down. ;_)Seriously, I love what you did with the flowers in this, especially.

LaTonya Baldwin said...

Kick@ss, Suise!

Hannah said...

Oh man that's downright depressing though in the end. I like your hip to hip stanza and I love how the open and close ties together so excellent and visual those dropping petals!

Helen said...

Love that you labeled this a 'red neck rhapsody' ~~ I happen to like those, a lot!!!

Margaret said...

I have read only the first two lines and had to come here to say.... if that were the entire poem... I'm thrilled! Killer opening. OK, I'm going back to read the rest.

Margaret said...

Excellent - a lot of emotion going on here! Love it.

humbird said...

Susie,like your urban poem with the last stanza grounding,but sparking firework on the background... x

Sam Edge said...

The verse hums like like a bumble bee.

Heaven said...

We make do with reality including beer cans and carpet soiled, don't we ~ Love specially that bare skin hip to hop part ~ Have a lovely weekend dear ~

Heidi said...

I have spent the last 18 or so minutes trying to think of another way to write my reaction to this and I can't think of one. This poem seemed orgasmic to me. I liked it. And rhapsodies and orgasms go together, right?

Susie Swanson said...

Oh wow, you did a great job on this. You had me from the get go. Love it..xo

Mama Zen said...

That ending could not be more perfect! Outstanding, Susie!

Marian said...

OMG Susie, this is just wow, fantastic. i love it SOOOO much. wow.

Susan said...

As High as the first stanza took me, I wanted some reassertion of the magic at the end--how many live on and on for years on the memory of one year's pleasure, descending from the heights of the unique to the trudgery of the masses? Brilliant. Even your diction changed by the end.

Herotomost said...

OMG.....I am really, the consumate hopeless romantic and so wish that all days could be like the first days. I would work like a dog to make it so...and do. But where is that switch that changes the current...if you could find that you would be a kazillionaire. Heavy, unadulterated sigh.....great job Susie...but now I'm depressed...lol.

sharplittlepencil.com said...

Susie, this is a blisteringly good look at a love gone down the drain with the remnants of a beer-soaked cigarette butt. The anti-rhapsody, a wholly unique take on the prompt! Love it! Amy

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