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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 30! ~ Of Crows and Karma

A bleached crow drank every
fruitful gram housed in June’s
karma letting mayhem’s nightshade,
omen prayer quickly race scaldingly toward
Udl’s venomously wretched,
xenic yellowed  zythepsary.

©Susie Clevenger

Marian at Real Toads gave us an alphabet challenge with these instructions: It's a simple challenge, really. Starting with the letter A every next word should start with the next letter of the alphabet. Well, I managed to get the entire alphabet in mine. I was high on caffeine and little sleep. :) I have included some definitions in case there are those who thought I made up words. :)
1 to 30, A to Z!

Udl: Flying demon from Austria. He tells about war and bad luck by his cries.

Xenic : -noun Chemistry. Xenic acid is the aqueous solution of xenon trioxide, a stable weak acid and strong oxidizing agent.

Zythepsary: -noun. A brewery

I made it, 30 poems in 30 days! This was my first attempt at writing for NaPoWriMo. Even with the sad loss of my mother-in-law I was determined to meet the goal I set for myself. Thanks to all my lovely toad friends for all their inspiration and encouragement this past month. I couldn't have done it without each one of you!


VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

Out of the box poem,, keep it up

aprille said...

Having to double up on several days made the writing even harder for you.
And a triple chocolate sundae for the final day.
Well done all of us.
Thank you for the company.

Adura Ojo said...

Nifty one straight out of the box. Brilliant. I'll do the alphabet poem sometime. Not now, lol. Got a haiku today. Glad we all made NaPo, Susie. For some reason I found it harder this year than the last. But successfully met the challenge both times.

Must have been hard to keep it going after the loss of your MIL. Kudos to you that you did. It probably helped as a coping mechanism, too, I hope. May her soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I too completed it, my first attempt. A very enigmatic poem.... :-)

Susan said...

What a rush! I have never seen a bleached cow, which is probably a saving grace in this case! Seems I've spent much of this month in your backyard. Thanks!

Marian said...

OMG Susie this is wonderful! thank you for the definitions, too :) i just love it, this is hard, especially X.
congrats on 30 poems in 30 days! whew, now let's take a nap.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Wow! I've learnt a few new words today. Thanks for providing the definitions so I don't have to run to a dictionary :-)

Congrats on your 30 poems!

Rita Odeh said...

Well done!
I wonder how you managed to write it.
It is my turn to think of it.
Thanks for stopping by my dream and leaving traces.


Margaret said...

My mind went a bit haywire reading this :) Well done.

Kay L. Davies said...

Special congratulations to you for getting through the month despite other emotional demands.
Harking back to the months when I started my blog, and my father was dying, then died, I found the writing took me out of my grief. I wrote most of the Unfittie's travel chapters in the months before, and immediately after his death.
Then I couldn't write them any more, and turned to memes. I was SO happy to find Real Toads.
I know lots of warm Toad thoughts have been with you and your family during this time.
Luv, K

Emma Major said...

I'm so pleased you provided some meanings, well done

Maggie Grace said...

Double wow...love it! Great job!

Hannah said...

Oh, Susie...I'm so sorry about your loss. ♥

I love the scene you set with your poem and the definitions, too...learned something new. :)

Peggy said...

Excellent. And congratulations on 30 poems in 30 days.

Susie Swanson said...

Awesome.. I learn from you alot. You are a great teacher.. You introduce me to so many words and I thank you so much.. Blessings.

Akila G said...

Phew! what a piece..i read it twice to get it into my head and thanks for the process notes. This ride was fun. Congrats!! and sorry too for your personal loss.

Helen said...

... get thee to a brewery!!!

sharplittlepencil.com said...

Per usual with these posts, as we have to be creative in our use of the X (xenophobes are so Yesterday!), I learned two new words. The final line sounded like a call for a pub crawl:
"xenic yellowed zythepsary."
If so, I'm in!! Happy windup to NaPoWriMo. Amy

Ella said...

yours makes me swoon! So good...wow!!! Off to try...jealous of yours @>---------------

razzamadazzle said...

Yeah for making your NaPoWriMo goal! I am truly impressed with this A-Z poem. And thanks for the definitions. :-)

Doctor FTSE said...

Cleverly worked. And the "X" and "Z" words . . . wow!

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