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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 17 ~ Death by Intent

Yesterday fortitude
was tested by demon
machinations bringing
hell to a race.

Perseverance to bring
the perpetrators to
justice began moments
after the act.

Humanity suffered
a heinous attack
while cameras captured
death by intent.

Susie Clevenger 2013

Aprille at Real Toads challenged us to write dactyls. It seems it is a poetic animal with three feet. Oh this poetry thing is tough! Get Listed ~ Aprille's Choice


Kerry O'Connor said...

And we continue to process the unfolding events.

aprille said...

Cameras are a two-edged sword here: while on the one hand they prolong the agony [the media's cameras], they also help in bringing the culprits to justice [ the public's]. Our world is getting more and more complicated and at times we lose sight of basic moral principle in times of deep and shared stress.

As usual, you have included so many facets in a handful of lines. Thanks for humouring me with the form.

Marian said...

and a third edge: i'm concerned about all the photos flying around the internet with people circled; what if they are just spectators? eek.

Ellecee said...

Very well crafted, Susie, and an excellent commentary on this horrible crime,,,

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Susie, another great poem, good take on the dactyl (mine is spotty in form at best). I agree that universal cameras are not the answer. All the creep has to do is know where they are placed and wear a hoodie.

We need universal health care first. My humble opinion. In the meantime, if the camera helped catch him, he's a homegrown, redneck idiot, of this I have little doubt.

Big Brother is not watching me, and I'm kind of surprised, considering all my anti-war activism... Good one, babe. Amy

Kay L. Davies said...

The trouble with finding the perpetrators, as you know, is the fact that they could look like thee and me, Susie, so the police, the FBI, the national guard and all the other officers pretty much have their hands tied.
Good job with the form.

Margaret said...

death by intent... and I do hope what goes around comes around to the perpetrators. They deserve no less ... they will always be a threat and harm to society... That is why I do believe in certain death penalties. This person/or people don't care if the most innocent get killed. I keep thinking of the little children that died...

Your poem got to me...

And you did an amazing job with the form.

Other Mary said...

Very touching and ominous Susie. Some how I couldn't get the serious tone as you did. Kudos on this.

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