Dirty, Cheap, Sticky

Dirty laundry hangs from
each gossip sentence
with cheap, sticky innuendo.

Put enough lie in truth
to sell it as fact.
Secrets make a bigger noise.

Let pretty faces spin it.
Ugly looks much better
all dressed up.

People get a rush
from HD screens
airing dirty laundry.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

Izy at Real Toads challenged us to create a list of three words or phrases specific to the worst job we ever had and craft a poem having nothing to do with work.  My three words are in the title to my poem, dirty, cheap, sticky.

My worst job was when I worked at a catalog company called, National Bellas Hess. When catalogs came back because of address problems I had to tear off the front and back of each one returned and place them on pallets. Then I was instructed to go downstairs and guess what? Yes, you are correct. I had to glue on a new front and back to each one. It was a mess. 

Chew Through Your Own Chains ~ Out of Standard


Kerry O'Connor said…
Susie, this is really tight. Each stanza homes in on your theme so uncompromisingly, this reads like the best kind of eye-opener. Great use of those three words.
You're so right: such a strange compulsion to enjoy reading it. I was looking for some cycling info and landed on a british newspaper called the Daily Mail: I was dumbfounded at the endless list of gossip on so called 'celebrities' [whom I don't celebrate] all with pictures of their not so glamorous moments. Such a weird appetite for that kind of 'news'.
You make a great point with your poem. It's a shame how those trashy celebrity magazines are so popular. Yet, beautiful, meaningful literature is often ignored. Well-crafted poem!
Heidi said…
I love the opening line. It sets the tone immediately.
Isadora Gruye said…
Susie, I love that you used your three work words as the title of this piece. They immediately cast a tone which was carried nicely through out this one.

I loved how each stanza is forged from separate intellect, but they come together nicely at the same time. You have truly conveyed the most frustrating aspect of some people, the "gossip mongers delight"...what some think they need to know seems a little skewed at times and you illustrate that well!

Thanks so much for participating in the out of standard and viva la!!!
Scarlet said…
You choose the most interesting words...and your post rocks ~ And funny thing is we watch it all the time, dirty laundry is all good entertainment ~
Margaret said…
just enough lie to make it interesting...

Jim said…
Hi Susie you did real good with those words. I like your theme and I guess we all have dirty laundry. I try not to air mine because I'm afraid it might get mixed in with some gossip.

Your worst job was terrible. Now-a-days they just put a new sticker over the old. Maybe they can wife out the old ones' printing.

I quit mine without notice, I just walked off with all my stuff. There wasn't any pay involved except for a room (no board) in exchange.