Turning A List Into Senryu

dignity recalls
that you are an idiot.
but it displays grace.

whispers followed her
in waves of condemnation.
she knew how to swim.

innocence believes
night holds no terror for them
evil is patient.

desire is the heat
that burns away hesitance.
no goes up in flames.

exploring new thought
may require unpacking
archaic thinking

tangible requires
far too much reality
i prefer dreaming.

 questions rest on lips
waiting for the right moment.
answers cannot wait.

simple beauty does
not require a pharmacy.
superficial does.

flickering candlelight
ambience of seduction
no snuffed out its flame

©Susie Clevenger 2013
 At Real Toads Fireblossom
gave us a list of words to create from.


Jinksy said…
questions rest on lips
waiting for the right moment.
answers cannot wait

I have the same impatience!
Manicddaily said…
Wow -great job. They are all terrific. They even interconnect to some degree.

One thought, if you don't mind, is to put "no" in quotations - maybe emphasizes the "no" as a concept or noun somehow.

I think they are wonderful. k.
Fireblossom said…
These are really good, every single one of them! The first one made me laugh. I like how two of them are similar with the "no" in the romantic theme, but they end up being more different than the same. Really good, original response to the words the shy gal gave us!
hedgewitch said…
Susie these are powerful and excellent. I found myself gently nodding as I read.Each one is a bright little gem, but I especially like the first and eighth.
Unknown said…
simple beauty does not require a pharmacy - this line made me laugh!
Mary said…
These are all excellent. I would have to say my favorite is the one about innocence. Indeed evil IS patient! Second favorite is the one about simple beauty...perfect!
Marian said…
oooh, these are so thought-provoking, especially the third one, for me.
Susie Swanson said…
First let me say your Blog is beautiful.. I love the way you've dressed it up.. I love the poems. You just cruise along with them and it never seazes to amaze me.
Helen said…
Incredible haiku ... every verse says so much. You mastered the form so well.
Susan said…
Wow! This is a poem I wish I had written, wish I could have written at all. I will keep it near to remind me how delightful sass is, how pointed truth.
vivinfrance said…
'No' going up in flames in response to desire is a wonderful metaphor! You have written some beautiful poetry with these - great idea to do senryu instead of trying to make sense of the lot!
Margaret said…
"superficial does." and "no goes up in flames".

They were all excellent, but I really loved the two above.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Each senryu is a gem! I found something to take from all of them.

I must say how much I like the new look of your blog! The banner image is gorgeous.
Karen said…
How do you do that?! These are perfect...all of them!