"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Friday, February 8, 2013

Only Eight Words #FWF

Eight words and I am lost.
My fingers attempt to conjure
a spell to capture attention,
but sheer effort fails me.

Everything is a whirl of vague
references I cannot connect
with enough allure to keep me
interested let alone a reader
who might stumble across my verse.

Opal denotes fire, but I am
in an ice dream where words
are frozen in stumbling blocks.

My paper is bare of even a scribble.
It feels like a verbal brick wall
beneath my pen.

Eight words, only eight words,
my imagination has packed
its bags and left me stranded.
This poetry thing is not easy.

©Susie Clevenger 2013
 Kellie Elmore gave a word bank as inspiration for her Free Write Friday prompt.  Opal, Vague, Whirl, Dream, Sheer, Conjure, Bare, Allure


Kellie said...

Oh have you hit the nail on the head with this one. Perfect in its frustration and perfect in your delivery. Also love that the words all "fit"... vs just tossed in and forced. I would have overlooked them had you not highlighted. Thanks for writing for me again. Always love when you come by. Xox

Charles said...

Very nicely done, always nice to read those that respond to Kellie's FWF prompt.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Excellent, Susie. Great poem, and so true! Your use of the prompt words is very well done!

Annie said...

What an awesome poem --- yet one that shows the frustration of writing that we all sometimes feel and try to "force the fit'. You did that forcing beautifully!

Annie said...

I love your poem...you were able to show the frustration writers often get when they have to "force the fit". You did this beautifully!

Heidi said...

Awesome poem! I have been feeling this frustration lately. I love that this is your submission for the prompt...very funny. I agree with other comments that the words blend naturally.

seanbidd said...

The challenges of eight words, and you manage stitch them up as if with the skills of a surgeon, hardly a scar to be noticed in transition of the problem.Top piece of expression. Some how I managed to miss the last word this week...

Maleko said...

Great piece! So evocative of the frustration all creativity is often born out of! Loved it!

malekoarts said...

Great poem! You so captured the frustration 'creativity' is so often born from. Loved it!

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