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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dirt Road Secrets ~ #WWUC @NWCreativeUnion

 Photograph ~ © Natasha Head

Dirt roads
keep their secrets
hidden within the miles
of country paths uncharted on
maps that reveal nothing beyond pavement.
Clues in the dust are unreadable
to those who have never learned
the language of
dirt roads.

© Susie Clevenger 2013

This poetic form is a rictameter 
a rictameter.

two syllables (same as line nine)
four syllables
six syllables
eight syllables
ten syllables
eight syllables
six syllables
four syllables
two syllables

Mama Zen at Real Toads challenged us to write in a poetic form we find challenging. One of our fellow toads wrote a poem in this form and I thought I would attempt it. Believe me I was challenged. (I can't remember who the dear toad was that introduced this form. I hope she will leave a comment if she reads this and let me know who it was. I truly appreciate the introduction to the form.
Also at New World Creative Union we were to write from the inspiration of dirt roads so I combined both challenges into one. :)


Kim Nelson said...

Well done, Susie! Your voice is so distinct, your subject matter truly your own, and you nailed the form. Atta girl!

Fireblossom said...

Helen, at Poetry Matters, wrote in this form 4 days ago. maybe it was hers you saw?

Laurie Kolp said...

the language of dirt roads... can't wait!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Loved this Susie! I have yet to try this form--great write!!

Marian said...

wasn't me but i dig the rictameter and you did it justice! now i gotta go write one :)

Mary said...

I enjoyed the form, Susie; and now you've got me thinking about dirt roads.

Ella said...

Bravo, you did a great job with this form! I like this form and your take on the prompt :D

Ben Ditty said...

I didn't feel like I was reading form poetry at all. It flowed organically :-)

Karen said...

The hard thing about writing to form is to maintain focus on the sense of the poem. When this is done, the poem flows naturally...which is exactly what happens here. I want to try this form...and, by the way, I understand dirt roads very well! :-)

Ginny Brannan said...

Beautiful, Susie. I love the format, the visuals you paint, the metaphor. It seems we have both discovered something in the maps. Seen or unseen, there for the finding.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I think you did a splendid job with the form, and I like your subject: dirt roads always seem inviting to me.

Helen said...

Hip, hip hurrah! You aced the rictameter, which isn't as easy as it might seem.

Mama Zen said...

You're speaking my language!

Cool form. I might have to give it a try.

Dick Jones said...

You've worked this challenging form to really good effect, Susie.

Ellecee said...

Well done with the rictameter, Susie, not an easy form and you certainly met the challenge. I enjoyed your words too,,,,I have travelled many dirt roads and I think I know a few of their secrets :-)

hedgewitch said...

I've written in this form, but not for a long time--you remind me what a good one it is, by doing it so well. It's not easy either. Excellent job, excellent poem, Susie.

beccagivens said...

Well done, Susie ... dirt roads do have their own language!!

I do not "do" many awards, but I could not pass this one up in
order to pass it on to you. I have nominated you for Blogger of the Year Award for 2012 ... well deserved. Thank you for wonderful moments of reading in 2012.

my heart's love songs said...

this certainly doesn't come across as difficult for you to do! it's wonderful, Susie!

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