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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbed-Wire Butterflies by Jessica Kristie

The much anticipated release of Jessica Kristie's book Barbed-Wire Butterflies has arrived. Readers can now purchase this moving book about human trafficking online at Barnes & Noble  and Amazon.

Elani Benjamin had never imagined the level of fear and uncertainty that was now a demoralizing part of her everyday life. With freedom ripped from her world, Elani must stand alongside the hundreds of other women forced into slave labor by the mysterious organization that runs The Hub. At only thirteen years of age, she must decide if she will give in to the daily atrocities surrounding her or keep fighting her courageous, emotional battle for freedom. Malnutrition, intimidation, and abuse force them all into an isolated depression that guarantees compliance. On the edge of surrender, Elani finds an ally in Eddie, a repentant long-term employee of The Hub who gives her the resolution to find a way out of her imprisonment and the hope of reclaiming her stolen freedom.

“Barbed-Wire Butterflies” , Jessica Kristie's first novel, comes to life through Winter Goose Publishing, This fictional account of a young girl faced with the atrocities of human trafficking and her struggle for freedom will leave no heart unturned. Researching the project, Jessica was compelled to add activist to her already impressive list of accolades.  

100% of all print royalties and a percentage of digital copies go to CourageWorldwide, an international non-profit organization that is building homes around the world for children rescued out of sex trafficking.

Early Praise and Reviews

Barbed-Wire Butterflies is a gritty tale of a most unlikely heroine and her struggle against greed, corruption and indifference.” - John Malik, Huffington Post 

“Jessica Kristie has done an excellent job of balancing the horror of trafficking with the hope of survival and restoration.”- Genny Heikka, Author and Courage Worldwide Director of Communications
Barbed-Wire Butterflies is a powerful book about a sobering subject. Jessica Kristie helps you wrap your head around the horrors of human trafficking while drawing you into her characters and causing you to feel their pain, confusion and hopelessness. The humanity in all of us should be outraged by this subject. Just as Elani fights back and will not accept her fate within the confines of her barbed wire world, we should not give up on the war against trafficking. Each of us should feel personally responsible to help end this worldwide atrocity.” – Kathryn Mattingly, President of Editorial Management for Possibility Publishing

You can show support for the effort to end human trafficking by claiming this badge to add to your blog,

Jessica Kristie

and by purchasing this beautifully handcrafted barbed-wire butterfly.

Jessica Kristie is a published poet, author and advocate.

Published works include “Dreaming in Darkness”, winner of the 2011 Sharp Writ award and 2011 Pushcart prize nominee.  “Threads of Life”, her most recent collection of poetry and prose.  “Weekly Inspiration for Writers and Creators” a yearly companion in ebook, and “Inspiration Speaks, Volume One” a creative collaboration fostered through her advocacy for the arts, in partnership with ArtPlatform.  She has appeared in countless periodicals and has recently brought to life “Kristie & Cloverfield” a collaboration with Tom Cloverfield featuring a wonderful fusion of poetry and music, released through Ultrasonic Music Germany and available everywhere

You can connect with Jessica and keep up with her work on:

Twitter:    twitter.com/jesskristie  


This is my own review of Barbed-Wire Butterflies:

This is a tough read based on the horror of human trafficking. Jessica Kristie has taken a brave young girl, Elani Benjamin, and told her story from terror to triumph. Drugged and stuffed in a trunk she makes the journey from her home in California to hell along the Texas/Mexico border. What she experiences inside the Hub she is delivered to is harsh, horrible, inhumane; but Elani has the lion's heart of a survivor. Once I started reading I didn't want to put it down. Although it is labeled a novel the reality of its content cannot be ignored.

( After reading this book it makes me more aware that the clothing and other goods I purchase may very well be produced at the price of slave labor. Nothing I own is worth the price of a life.)


Laurie Kolp said...

So true... such a horrible, horrible situation.

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