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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Frost of Forgetting #Sunday Snap Shot @NWCreativeUnion

©Cynthia Dawn Clevenger

A name abandoned,
to lay in winter,
covered in the frost
of forgetting.

A poor boy born
into sadness
grown into a man
who died in tears.

On a tiny plot of land
he walked through his dreams.
His voice locked in secrets
his lips could never speak.

An oak tree cries its grief
into the northern wind
that the man who tenderly pruned it
now lays an erased memory
confined to frozen dust.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
Created for the Sunday Snap Shot 11/11/12 at New World Creative Union.
 Leslie Moon challenged us to develop our art from the words or art of another.
The photograph was taken by my daughter. It is my father's nameplate that sat
on top of his mailbox for years. He was 91 when he died and outlived almost
everyone he knew. The poem comes from the sadness that soon no one will
remember the man who spent over fifty years of his life living on  a tiny piece
 of real estate in rural Missouri.
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Monty Wheeler said...

dark and bitter sweet and know that this hits home right here in arkansas. they picked my grandparents name up off the ground that Im sure "they" knocked loose from its perch on the mailbox. I gave it new home, centerpiece my living room wall. thanks for sharing. I know I'm not alone in what I place value in


Natasha Head said...

Susie...thank you so much for honoring us with your daughter's photo, and your Dad's memory. Admit...might be a little choked up here...but I love Monty's comment..."I Know I'm not alone in what I place value in"...I think that speaks to a good many of us...together we won't let him be forgotten! Love this!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful and poignant, Susie. And, through your words, he lives.

Joanne Elliott said...

This has such a hauntingly beautiful quality to it. I love how you end it...perfect.

Laura said...

o susie... so beautiful...love has no boundaries, not even a blanket of snow over deep earth can keep it out.

Abin Chakraborty said...

beautiful and moving lines.peace be with you and yours.

kaykuala said...

It's such a poignant moment. A moment to remember someone dear who had contributed to one's well-being. How nice, Susie!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Your poem and picture makes me think of the many ways we try to capture ourselves, our names, our ownership, and yet how impermanent it all is. This makes me quite melancholy.

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

Susie, such a lovely tribute both to your daughter and your father! I love the oak tree imagery here --
thanks for sharing this! joanie

Leslie said...

so important that we carry them on in our words and our ways
Poignant truth my friend - thanks

ayala said...

Poignant and heartfelt write, Susie.

Mystic_Mom said...

Chilling, heart breaking and wow...

Sean Vessey said...

Beautiful mosaic of your words and your daughter's Pic.

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