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Thursday, November 22, 2012


The hills of Kentucky
where apple pie
flows from a bottle
and a glock rides
securely on a hip.

The stance, the look, the heat….
Raylan Givens doesn’t sound
like a hero’s name…..too south,
too backwoods, too country.

A silver star and an attitude,
Raylan is more wild west
than 21st century…….
He serves and protects
with his own set of rules.

(Shhhh…..don’t tell my husband
I am enamored with a cowboy
who rides in on horsepower
instead of a horse.

Flushed cheeks…..a smile
each week I look forward
to Tuesdays and being Justified.)

©Susie Clevenger 2012

Ok Izy at Real Toads' Out of Standard wanted us to write on our dark, guilty pleasures. 
Well Timothy Olyphant is one of mine and his Raylan Givens character
in particular. No one is judging are they? :)  


Fireblossom said...

Can't you go there and break some minor law, or something? ;-)

Cad said...

Love your admission! *smiles* Modern cowboys? Why not?

Kerry O'Connor said...

That boy is hot! Damn! And I've never heard a Rap/Kentucky Country mix-up before, and doesn't it just work?

hedgewitch said...

My husband watches this show faithfully. I don't think it's because the guy is hunky in the extreme, though--I think its the large amount of shooting and high body counts. This describes a true guilty pleasure, Susie--nice work.

Helen said...

Susie, in my humble opinion ... you are most justified indulging in this guilty pleasure!!

Isadora Gruye said...

Susie.....loved the confession here. Isn't it funny how sometimes we can admit to half a guilty a pleasure, but keep the other half secret. Like watching the show, but not telling anyone how much you truly flush when Mr. Olyphant appears on screen.

I also loved the posted video...perfect choice!

I had a similar experience for like 6 weeks with Spike on Buffy (over it now and have moved on!). Thanks again and viva la

Marian said...

huh, love this prompt because i never heard of the stuff yinz are confessing to enjoying. i like yours! rawr!

Jinksy said...

Enjoy your Tuesdays, girl! LOL

Mrs.Trellis said...

A silver star and an attitude would do it for me...

Kay L. Davies said...

Your husband might enjoy knowing you have a look-but-can't-touch passion.
Super response to the challenge!

Margaret said...

I have a few "hotties" I enjoy watching on the silver screen. Ha! Although, of course, I prefer my cowboys with a horse.

This was fun.

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