"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hope In Green

©John Edwards

Hope arrives dressed
in the color green
to rid shivering roots
of their frosted caps.

A gentle wind sings
a hallelujah song
of winter’s end.
Its echo flirting
with new born leaves.

In an ancient celebration
trees dance among the moss
thanking spring for its
warm kiss upon their limbs.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
 John Edwards graciously gave permission
to use a selection of his photographs for inspiration for our writing.
Real Toads


flipside records said...

These are my favorites:

"Its echo flirting
with new born leaves"

"thanking spring for its
warm kiss upon their limbs"

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the idea of Hope dressed in green - it is such a hopeful colour, reminding us of the good in nature.

manicddaily said...

Ah - very pretty poem that really suits the picture, but suits green too. That warm kiss just lovely. k.

Marian said...

aw! the trees give thanks to spring for a warm kiss on their limbs. LOVE that!
also, i like that weird font you have there, susie. slightly ransom-note-ish :)

Sheila said...

what a beautiful photo, however, the images you have created with your words is even better!

Ella said...

Beautiful! I love the way you guided us with hope and the beauty of green~
It was stunning to read and embrace!
Green is my favorite color... :D

awakenedwords said...

very nice Susie, feels like the image, love the last stanza

Grace said...

Lovely share Susie ~

Specially the last stanza...warm kiss upon their limbs ~

Susan said...

Beautiful. Trees dance! Their limbs have been kissed. Glorious, and it belongs in a movie.

Hannah said...

Love the idea of...

"Its echo flirting
with new born leaves."

...winter's echo...

Such great imagery, Susie!

myheartslovesongs.com said...

LOVE this!

hedgewitch said...

You and the picture pair up for a lovely melody on the change of seasons, Susie. Enjoyed it much.

Scriptor Senex said...

I think your words more than do justice to the picture, Susie. That last verse is just perfect. Thank you so much. John

Geraldine said...

You truly have a gift Susie, beautifully written. Love the image too.

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