Blogger Goddess with Facebook Wings

Closing my eyes---
Scratching my head---
Scribbling down lines---

Rewrite? No thank you.

Rhyme? Never!
It is my nemesis---
a bully scuffle
that bares my inadequacy.

Pulling the heart from my sleeve---
So many tears drip from my fingers---
crowned the queen of sad.

A blogger goddess with Facebook wings---
Sort the laundry and fly---
gulp—taking a deep breath to hit post.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
Image:Roberto Kusterle
On Real Toads Out of Standard with Izy she asks us to write a parody of our writing style. 


rosemary mint said…
I don't know about this being too much of a parody (except for the title), but I sure like these:

"a bully scuffle
that bares my inadequacy"

"Pulling the heart from my sleeve---
So many tears drip from my fingers---
crowned the queen of sad"
Isadora Gruye said…
I get the parody here, the internal editor popping up and the poet responding with devil may care attitude. Here you've displayed a grim determination to see the piece through no matter what. Showing something like this Susie, is brave and works well. thanks for posting this in response to my challenge....rock on and viva la
Kerry O'Connor said…
The Queen of Sad and Goddess of Wings! I love the picture but thought: Not the butterflies!! She wouldn't! But she kind of did.

A brave, bold piece with your signature introspection taken to the max.
Hannah said…
Your image is fantastic, Susie!! was made just for this moment it feels!

I love your opening...closing your eyes...that's how I begin, too and I rarely do any re-writing after the initial working through of the wording.

So cool to hear your process and I enjoyed your humor, too! Smiles to you, Susie!
Maude Lynn said…
This is so clever! And, that has to be one of the coolest titles I've ever run across.
hedgewitch said…
I agree about the title--it catches up all sorts of nuances, and the last line really drives them home--between confession and ...exhibitionism? So one feels sometimes, but I don't think, in the case of a sincere poem, its an ego trip, but a cleansing/sharing. Anyway, this is a very well-crafted poem,quite a road map to the way our minds work.
Mystic_Mom said…
Susie - this is very, very good! Loved every line.
Lolamouse said…
I'm most definitely with you on the rewrites. Once I hit publish, that's it!

I love your second to last stanza. This is really a great poem.
Kalahari blues said…
Enjoyed it...
Doubt does creep in sometimes.
Karishma Shetty said…
Haha! What an interesting thought. As a blogger with Facebook wings, you're going to be the Queen Bird of Social Media :)
Herotomost said…
And its why I enjoy every word you post....
Margaret said…

If I didn't rewrite and delete... NO ONE would read my stuff ;)
Ella said…
"Pulling the heart from my sleeve---
So many tears drip from my fingers---
crowned the queen of sad"

Wow, this is so revealing and has a raw feel~

Sometimes it is brave to just put yourself out there~

Get well, you are missed! xo
Sending you a starry bouquet of Morning Glories!