A Prayer For The Hunt

The footprints of Arnakuagsak
mark her passage on the snow mountain.

We raise our eyes in prayer
to ask for her the vision to see
us through another winter.

Feather ice may your frost wings
glisten under the new moon
to guide us to our hunting ground.

Arnakuagsak may you point
our spears to hit their mark
so our children will not cry from hunger.

Bless the animals that will
sacrifice their lives to feed us,
and may their souls return
to the place of their home.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
Arnakuagsak is the Inuit goddess of the hunt.
The Inuit hunt only for what they need.
They believe animals have souls
and when they die they will live on in the spirit world.
Written for Real Toads Transforming Fridays
 Hannah challenged us to think "ice." With it being so hot
here I was more than happy to take my mind to a cold climate.


Daydreamertoo said…
Aww Susie, I couldn't have put this better if I tried. I also believe all animals have souls too. I love peoples who only hunt for what they need and who also honour the animals sacrifice for them too.
What a lovely read this is to see tonight. :)
Scarlet said…
Beautiful prayer ~ I like that the animals only hunt enough for themselves ~ Hope you are getting better and stronger ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Susie, this is beautiful and brilliant. I adore the aboriginal people who have always known to take only what they need, and give honor and respect to the animals who feed them. SO beautifully written, so wonderful, and what a fantastic message. After living with Pup, I KNOW animals have souls, as our bond was the strongest I have ever felt in my life, and he was totally attuned to me. He was more like a human than a "dog". Amazingly smart. I so loved this poem. And I LOVE that you are Back!!!!! How are your hands? any better? I hope so.
Hannah said…
"Feather ice may your frost wings
glisten under the new moon
to guide us to our hunting ground."

This is beautifully mystical and I really like how you follow with the contrast of the next stanza...powerful that need to provide and be in good keeping with the Spirit.

Well written and I was glad to learn of their goddess and their gentle culture...I like the way they think...if more thought that way it would be a better place.
Dave King said…
A great write giving much to think about.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I like the sense of inter-connectedness here: man-nature-goddess-beast. Somehow early civilizations managed to strike the balance that modern society has forgotten.
Fireblossom said…
You are my hero(ine) just for being able to spell " Arnakuagsak".

I am so glad to see you back and feeling better, Susie. Don't worry your fellow Toads like that!
Maude Lynn said…
What a beautiful write!