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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Giggles and Daydreams

Giggles and Daydreams

Those hips made me blush,
wonder at the feeling
that warmed my core.

I plunged the depths
of infatuation wearing
giggles and daydreams.

The silver screen and song
were your heaven
where I longed to reside.

My prayers left lips
that longed for a kiss,
even if I was too young.

I placed you on a pedestal
made from paper hearts
and innocence.

My Adonis was not a Greek god,
but a rock in roll singer
birthed in Mississippi.

He belonged to the world.
He never knew he belonged to me.
He was my first love, Elvis Aaron Presley.

©Susie Clevenger 2012

The challenge for Fireblossom Friday was to get famous. We were to write a poem about someone famous so I listened to my young heartstrings and wrote on my first love, Elvis.


Jinksy said...

Aah! How sweet!*smiles*

Daydreamertoo said...

My aunt loved him so much that when he married Priscilla she cried for days. When I asked her why she was so upset because he was famous and she'd never know him anyway she replied: "Because now he's married it means I don't have a chance with him." I was about 14 and didn't understand it at all. But, he sure could swivel those hips. :)
Lovely tribute to Elvis. We used to call him 'Elvis the Pelvis' in The UK. :)

Fireblossom said...

This is a cool choice, Susie! I'm glad that someone wrote about a musical figure.

I really like "a pedestal made from paper hearts and innocence."

Thanks for being part of FBF!

Kerry O'Connor said...

He never knew he belonged to me...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I was so contrary that I refused to like Elvis because everybody else did...hee hee. I eventually succumbed though. His voice and those eyes.....Love Me Tender......sigh.

Marian said...

oooh paper hearts. love it, such truthy goodness.

Mystic_Mom said...

Ah so cool. Love how you did this.

Archna Sharma said...

Yum, this is delicious. I love how you allowed your heart to write with so much honesty, he did belong to the world. Very sweet!

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