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Friday, May 25, 2012

War and Peace

Why is there war
that uses holy books
as reasons for death?

Voices raise sacred words
as battle cries to arm
the faithful to destroy
those of a different philosophy.

Greed burns green
while planting its feet
in red rivers of death.

Who decides truth or lies?
Propaganda spews from lips
of every color and nation.

Let anger dissipate.
Remove garments
of division and discord.

Be hungry in mind and body
for the end of battles.
Raise a universal white flag
to surrender to accord.

Humanity join hands
and let go of prejudice.
Let all of us go forth
to see the world
made whole again
and carry the light of peace.

©Susie Clevenger 2012

This was written for New World Creative Union's Wednesday Wake-Up Call ~ 5/23/12
For what it's worth ~ Change


Daydreamertoo said...

To stop all wars it needs the money men to stop making a huge profit on the misery of war by selling their arms and weapons to anyone who pays the highest price. It needs all religion to be thrown away and all races being taught their is but one Prime Creator and He created everyone. It needs the whole of humanity to wake up and realise we are all one race, the human race. We are all the same family. And, until such time as all that happens, there is always going to be wars fought in most countries. Freedom isn't free. There is always a price to pay and a fight to obtain it, as we are seeing in the middle east now.
I hate war and, it will only end when mankind learns it's true compassion and humanity for his own once more.
A good read, thanks Susie.

Chasing Tao said...

Thanks for submitting this hard hitting piece for our Wake-Up Wednesday Call Susie! Love the combo of videos and writing!

Especially like this line: "Propaganda spews from lips..." The worst part are the people who simply and unconsciously beleve the garbage they are told.

We certainly all need to get aboard the 'Peace' train!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Roger ☺

Chasing Tao said...
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Luke Prater said...

Well said that, Susie - we need it... love that Cat Stevens song too

Natasha Head said...

Susie...this was so awesome! You hit some pretty heavy nails in this write, and the musical selection...hello! The green and the red really spoke to me...

Fred Rutherford said...

Powerful piece Susie. I completely agree with everything you've stated here. Great choice of songs to pair with your verse, really adds that extra layer of effectiveness. Great read. Thanks

Brian Miller said...

def a powerful piece susie...war seems to be our only answer doesnt it...and we justify it...making a 'just war' with our religeon...that bit kinda turns my stomach...if only we could come up with other answers...smiles.

awakenedwords said...

well said Susie, it is rare indeed that a war is actually justified, at least by the reasons we are told. It would be nice if there were always another option. Sadly, that is not the case.

Fireblossom said...

As I read once...

"Our Father, who art in Heaven...*sullied* be thy name."

I cannot understand how people can kill in the name of God. War sickens me.

I adore your music choices, Susie! I'm so tickled that you're a fellow Toad!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Love Cat Stevens, love the Peace Train, love the thoughts behind this poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Susie, you are singing my song......humanity's song. And so beautifully. This is one of my favorites of yours.

Laura said...

"Be hungry in mind and body
for the end of battles.
Raise a universal white flag
to surrender to accord."

oh the irony, but I have to say AMEN!

Hannah said...

"Greed burns green
while planting its feet
in red rivers of death."

This I love!! Such power in bringing the colors in...kind of neat that the two together read and green are indicative of Christmas...Christ our only way out of this mess. Thank you for this!

Heaven said...

Love your message Susie ~ I think it is sad that propaganda colours the truth ~

Herotomost said...

I never know what to say, I can't fathom why it is that so many have this same basic philosophy and message, but we can't keep it together at any level from school yards to world wars. I can never hear these words enough great work.

Mary said...

The thing is...it is a world issue. One country cannot do it alone. North Korea and Iran and Libya and other loose cannons are waiting.

Mystic_Mom said...

Peace Train - what a great song to have at the end of this poem. So powerfully written Susie!

shawnacy said...

killer tunes.
an age-old theme.
let's just keep singin' it.

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