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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They Look but Never See

"Just look down the road and tell me if you can see either of them."
"I see nobody on the road," said Alice.
"I only wish I had such eyes," the King remarked in a fretful tone. "To be able to see Nobody! And at such a distance too!"

They Look But Never See

The road whines under my tires
crying,  “One more soul passes
and doesn’t pause to see the wonder
of where they are.”
Wildflowers grow in bouquets
to line its asphalt ribbon.
They beg for travelers
to stop and rest among their blooming.
People pass this very spot,
connected for a single moment.
They look but never see who inhabits
the vehicle to their left or to their right.
For a few seconds earth, sky, plant, animal and human
are in the exact same place in the universe.
It only happens once and then it bursts like a bubble
to never be recreated.
Tunnel vision and detachment place travelers in a metal cocoon
isolated in their destination of who, where and when.
Life blurred by the speed of a speedometer
chasing time and hurried miles.
I heard the road’s sorrow as it spoke from its grooves,
the mournful imploring stirring me to open my eyes.
I will no longer take for granted the photographs that move around me
nor those junctures  on a roadway that will never meet again.
©Susie Clevenger 2012
Kerry's Wednesday Challenge ~ On the Road


Karen said...

A splendid write! I love road trips. I'm prone to stopping the car to get out to enjoy, and photograph the scenery.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool line: "I heard the road’s sorrow as it spoke from its grooves"


Susie Swanson said...

This is so beautiful and true..I'm guilty as others. So much beauty out there for the eye to see..I love old barns and houses.I try to take a picture of them every chance I get..the sories they could tell..

Sreeja said...

I loved this poem..especially the line starting...for a few seconds earth........

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is an amazing piece, Susie. So much to take in - a large philosophy of the road and where life takes us. Wonderful work.

Natasha Head said...

Fantastic write! Love the quote an image as well. Perfect start to my day...reminding me to see

Laurie Kolp said...

I like the tunnel vision analogy and I agree... everyone's in such a hurry these days that they don't take the time to slow down and enjoy nature's beauty.

Helen said...

Third stanza my favorite! I wonder how many of us think about those in cars that pass us, those we pass. That six degrees of separation thing comes to mind! Loved your poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love your take on the prompt. So absolutely right on. The mournful song of the road wishing people would slow down and SEE what is there.

shawnacy said...

road philosophy. the romance of the intersected trajectories of a million events converging in a single second. ... i remember having thoughts like this - only, in images, as i didn't have the words yet to hold them - as a child, understanding the world through the backseat window.

Chantell said...

This is so true! We all seem to spend our days chasing what lies ahead of us instead of appreciating what surrounds us in that very moment....I do it myself, all the time....I love your writing, I will think of this next time I am driving and not taking enough notice of the beauty around me! :o)

razzamadazzle said...

You have such great imagery in here. I love the "metal cocoons."

Lolamouse said...

I must admit that sometimes I relish the "metal cocoon" of my car when I just want to be alone. Nice write.

Hannah said...

Such longing for others to see and feel the awe of creation. I feel it, Susie, this is gorgeous and I love this description:

"Wildflowers grow in bouquets
to line its asphalt ribbon"

Margaret said...

chasing time and hurried miles.

...and we will never capture it. So, I guess if we are lucky we wise up and pull over, explore, take our time. Loved this!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oooh, very nice, Susie. I would never have thought of the road's point of view.
I love your poem.

Heaven said...

This piece spoke to me...life blurred by the speed of the speedometer....Lovely share Susie ~

Mary said...

Ah, for sure...there is so much unobserved along the road. People in cars traveling the same route, wildflowers begging to be noticed. We all miss so much on our journeys. Your poem's message will stick with me.

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