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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Sunrise of Tears and Goodbye

The farmer plowed his hope
into the grave
of rocky dirt
and defaulted loans.
Then swallowed red dust
along with his pride.

He never dreamed
years of growing crops
to feed the hungry
would have him
begging for food.

A Salvation Army meal
received with thanks and amen
quieted his rumbling stomach.

Tomorrow would be a sunrise
of tears and goodbye.
The family farm would be sold
on the courthouse steps.

Bent with his burden
he spoke his goodbye,
and went home to ask forgiveness
from the ghosts of five generations.

©Susie Clevenger

This was written for the challenge put forth on Real Toads
to write from the work of Levon Helm.. Sadly we have had to say goodbye to him and the American Farm.


Daydreamertoo said...

It was a really hard life for them back then, when they didn't have any of this modern stuff to help it all grow and such.
A hard life indeed. Great writing.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, my goodness --- very moving and unfortunately too true. This was so beautifully done, Susie. You moved seamlessly from the title through the story to the sad ending.

Marian said...

oh sigh, this is marvelous.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh those last lines are so sad - that a family farm should be lost to a banking institution is just criminal.

Lolamouse said...

That's so sad it made me want to cry. Probably because it's so real.

poetjanstie said...

The last lines, Susie, hit the throat! Asking foregiveness from the ghosts of five generations, I can just about imagine what that would be like and feel the rock in the pit of my stomach.

My God, where is there any humanity and justice amongst those in authority in hard times?

poetjanstie said...

Thought I'd already commented but had troubles with my iPhone!

As already mentioned by others, the last lines "..to ask forgiveness of the ghosts of five generations" is almost chilling. Trying to empathise with this situation, I am moved to feel a rock in the pit of my stomach. Such great closing lines for a very moving poem, Susie.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You have nailed it with your words, Susie. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I''ve come acorss a great blog, I' ve appreciated your poems too, well done.

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