Volcanic Silver Lining

Screams lie hidden in columns
that hold up an Italian sky.
Five families of the pillars,
an ancient genetics
tied to an empire of ash.
Life mummified in last breath
buried under cold lava.
A volcanic silver lining
that created a time capsule
of the day a city died.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
Photographic inspiration provided by Reena Walkling at Missing Moments


Claudia said…
the screams hidden in columns gave me shivers...unbelievable to really grasp what happened that day the vesuv broke out and buried all life...
Unknown said…
The columns do indeed tell tales of those who once walked between, going about their daily routines. You remind us thatbtheir stark testimony should be placed within abhuman story, history that has a voice and face, though long ago erased. Nicely written.
Brian Miller said…
nice susie, that same pic is what grabbed me...the screams in the columns is a great touch...i can just imagine being there in person...i imagine we might hear them if we listened...nice write....
Laurie Kolp said…
They ARE holding up the sky... I'd missed that. Life mummified... I love this piece, Susie!
Lisa said…
I hear and feel..great write.