"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poems of Spring

i heard the birds sing
when the first lilacs blossomed
now silence consumes


winter is not done
snow has frozen the tulips
spring was too hasty


the scent of jasmine
announces winter’s ending
spring awakening


winter said goodbye
with its final kiss of frost
on the lips of spring

©Susie Clevenger 2012
Photograph: Patty Hankins
Writing Visuals


Claudia said...

beautiful...esp. the scent of jasmine line as our neighbors have one in their garden and one evening i squished through the fence and grazed it and the scent clang to my skin forever..

Beth Winter said...

Not only are there vivid snapshots of the seasonal shifts and conflicting beauties, but presented as a grouping, each image shows the flux of the seasons, the motion as it shifts back and forth, unable to decide which is more appealing. Beautiful work.

Dave King said...

Superb, esp the last, your final kiss will linger long.

Yousei Hime said...

Very nice. Looking forward to spring myself, as I look out the window at our first true snow day (kids are happy).

Laurie Kolp said...

winter is not done
snow has frozen the tulips
spring was too hasty

I can relate to this one. Our azaleas are already blooming... can you belive it?

Grace said...

Lovely set...I like the sounds and smell of spring ~

Brian Miller said...

nice touch on the senses...we got our snow on sunday and it was 70 yesterday...the battle for dominance continues with our seasons...at least you get a kiss from winter in yours...a nice passing...

Beachanny said...

These are lovely haikus. Each one more poignant than the one before. They show real talent and patience. As you know they're not easy to write. Well done!

Mary said...

Your poems make me more and more anxious for spring. We have had a MILD winter, which makes it seem much nearer than it really is. One can worry though, in the case of an early spring, that the poor tricked tulips WILL freeze.

evavonpelt said...

Such lovely images and you've captured the seasons beautifully!
Nice to meet you : )

Lolamouse said...

I love the "kiss of frost." Your images are great. I can see exactly what you're describing.

Blue Flute said...

Lovely haiku and you chose a beautiful picture to accompany them

turtlememoir said...

lovely haiku, evocative - seems to me winter always wants to have the last word, here too

stu_mcp@hotmail.com said...

Nice! Spring is certainly on its way- and you captured here thewintervthawnwith all it's sticky buds and blossoming scents. Great descriptions packed into tidy form!

Fred Rutherford said...

Very nice. I really like these, I see you enjoy writing haiku, I will certainly be back for more, I just love good haiku/tanka especially when they are weaved together, combined, where each can stand on their own just as they can work so well together stacked atop each other. Very nice, I wish spring would get here soon, winter has its merits but nothing like spring. Thanks

skyraft said...

Wonderful set of images here.

Particularly liked the first two.

"Now silence consumes" and spring's hastiness is just some amazing writing.

Great work here.

Teresa said...

Beautiful. You have me longing for spring.

Charles Miller said...

Wonderful haikus celebrating the imminent return of Spring. Jasmine just sounds luscious and I can't wait to smell it in the air again.

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