In Your Shadow

Captured for eternity
in your shadow.
My name forgotten
in its faded ink.
No questions are
raised to ask my identity.
I am merely a subject
of a camera lens.
Your photographic
genius forever applauded
while I am merely a face
without a name.

©Susie Clevenger 2011
Photograph: Lee Friedlander , 1966
 Magpie Tales Mag 96


Mimi Foxmorton said…
(and makes one think....)
Anonymous said…
Nice take on the prompt. I often look at old photos and wonder what became of the subjects. There's a book in that idea somewhere...

Sheila said…
interesting to give the glory to the unseen photographer and no credit to the subject. "a face without a name" - that speaks volumes. nice one, Susie!
Helen said…
She does look anonymous ... nice writing. Happy Holidays!!
Jinksy said…
Cameras have little respect for identities...
Brian Miller said…
nice...sad a bit...what good is a pic without the person in it and really knowing them and who they are...
Isabel Doyle said…
A bit like Mona Lisa ... beautiful lines
Doc FTSE said…
I see the point of your poem much more clearly than the point of the photograph.
(Like a lot of 'art' . . it's by Lee Friedlander, so it MUST be good.)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Love what you did with this Susie!