Moonlit Revelry

moonlit revelry
inhibitions seek freedom
spirit rejoices

forget tomorrow
its shadow bullies horizon
with supposed regrets

tonight your ballroom
dance under starlight lanterns
yesterday is gone

©Susie Clevenger 2011
Haiku Friday at Haiku My Heart



Fran aka redondowriter said…
Remembering to live in the now is hard but necessary. I love your dancer.
foxysue said…
ooh I like this, yes how good would this feel dancing on a moonlit rooftop under the stars! wonderful.

Sue x
Ron. said…
I'm definitely up for dropping inhibitions. A ballroom dance, however, would be mere prelude...

Solid work, Ms Clevenger. Salute!
Ed Pilolla said…
bullies: what an amazing action to drop in. that is so original to describe tomorrow. i really liked this a lot.