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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Lifetime Into Boxes

This pain is too great.
How do you place
a lifetime into boxes?

With each item
I hold in my hand
I hear it speak a memory.

I pray we won’t silence
the good times
by only remembering the bad.

I set out to heal you
with my own wounds raw,
a broken savior needing salvation.

I am afraid. You loved me for who I am,
brash, loud, impulsive.
Who will love me that way again?

Our lives now sit in containers
marked fragile.
You will leave. I remain.

Love can’t fix everything,
each on our own road to pain,
all that is left is to say goodbye.

© Copyright Susie Clevenger 2011



Ina said...

I really like this poem a lot, you describe so beautifully how sad a break up is. Great!

Anonymous said...

that was a fine write. Pass me the tissues, Gosh! That was not me tonight...


Morning said...

love it,

true, life cannot fix everything.

William Leed said...

I liked your poem. As I read I also thought of how sometimes when a family member dies, our memories of their life can fit into one box. Of course what they have taught us and left behind in that regard can live with us forever. Thank you!!

Sheelonee Mukherjee said...

to be able to express pain so finely is well done.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I pray we won’t silence
the good times
by only remembering the bad.

I think just the opposite. Silence the bad by remembering only the good.
We should learn from the bad, then cast it away. No need to let the iron burn twice.

Beautiful write, Susie!

pray we won’t silence
the good times
by only remembering the bad.

WyomingDiva said...

Your poem made me think of things left behind by my mom's death. Thank you.

The Orange Tree said...

heartfelt words.
time heals, hang in there.

Happy Rally.

shail said...

Really touching.

Andy said...

I love this "I set out to heal youwith my own wounds raw,a broken savior needing salvation."

Powerful & heartfelt.
Thanks for sharing.

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