Winter Stars Blind

Winter stars blind,
opaque eyes staring
across bright moon snow.

Nights watching ice ballets
of secrets across the meadow
has taken their sight.

They listen to lovers
and respond with twinkles.
Their vision gone
but their soul shining.

Stars join in smiles
whispering to the moon,
"We may not see love,
but we know it is there.

©Susie Clevenger 2010
Painting: Starry Night-Van Gogh 


love the painting and loved ur lines.beautiful images.
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a magnificent work of art to use as inspiration, and I found your last two lines to be touchingly profound.
oh how you've painted a brilliant scene here! liked "Winter stars blind,
opaque eyes staring
across bright moon snow." and the third stanza in particular - great seeing this up at RT!
Susie Clevenger said…
Thank you Kerry...photographs/painting so often inspire me
Susie Clevenger said…
Thank you Ostensible...
Mary said…
So true that we may not see love but it is indeed there. Your poem is very hopeful and beautiful, Susie.
Grace said…
lovely picture and words... i like the love of those stars ~
Teresa said…
That is a wonderful poem. I love the imagery.
kaykuala said…
How inspiring! We see love but just how difficult to define it. We feel it more than we see!

Traci B said…
You've given a lovely voice to Van Gogh's stars. Wonderful use of the painting to shape your poem.
Susie Clevenger said…
Thank you Traci...artwork often inspires me
Margaret said…
We don't always see love and love isn't always easily shown. Nice.