Making Sense a Headache

Where when why and how
Would make for a very interesting story
If I could make sense of me

Or I should say sense of my thinking
Just when I think I am safely traveling
In one direction of thought
My mind takes a detour

It is not that I can’t pay attention
There has to be a decision made
As to what will be assigned my consideration

Should I categorize from the most important to the least
But then my categories might not suit those
Of someone seeking my attention

There is consensus that as one ages
The body tends to slow down
Does that include the mind

I seem to be in a conundrum
Society labels me a senior adult
So when does this process of aging begin
I am like a hyperactive child
My body and mind never at rest

All this trying to make sense is a headache
I shall stop trying to figure “me” out
And live happy in my confusion