My Dream Quilt

I lay on my bed pulling my dreams over my head
Wanting to leave lonely and travel to you
My waking moments spent missing you

In my dreams reality doesn’t separate us
I can hold you in my arms
Saying I love you without worry

You are so real in my nocturnal journey
I feel your lips on mine
Your heartbeat warms my fingers

I fight morning’s tug to awaken me
I don’t want to leave you
Daylight means we must part

Oh damn the reasons we can not
Tell the world of our love
Stuffing it inside where no one can see it

I want to go back to sleep
To wrap myself in my dream quilt
And spend every moment loving you


Chris Dixon said…
Hey Susie
I can really connect with this poem, as i work away a lot my wife Lisa must have the same exact thoughts. Wish i had you talent to put them into words that are so meaningful.

Chris XXXOOOO ((((HUGS))))