Set Free to Love

She was words of sunlight
Radiant spots shining in my loneliness
Bubbling laughter tickling my soul
Awakening a heart living in lonely solitude
Each day brighter with hopes of hearing her

My voice raspy with misuse
Oiled by a desire to respond to her
Broke forth from desolation’s hold

With my first stumbling discourse
I shared the reasons for my heart’s prison
Pain the key to my cell

I had locked my broken heart
In solitary confinement
Within walls of distrust

A proclaimed love from another
Had been clothed in deceit
Its painful unveiling had left me in despair

In tortured musing
I felt love would be forever
Held in a dark inconsolable wasteland

I spoke that her verbal illumination
Had caused my darkened heart to feel freedom’s stir
Liberated to once more know love

In joyful exclamation she stated that is why she was sent
To break mistrust’s bindings on my heart
That with tender perception I might recognize real love


LARRY said…
As the song goes...My Heart is an open book.....You are reading my beating message.....Love You......LARRY