How I Became A Laundry Goddess

How I became a Laundry Goddess

Well, I am sure you are wondering how I got the title for my blog page. It started with my oldest daughter. Here is a peek at where I came up with my name.

Confessions of a Laundry Goddess

Laundry Goddess, now that evokes a picture of a deity that all femaledom would bow down on humble knees to worship. Offerings of pristine laundry laid upon the altar of golden laundry baskets while attended by a heavenly host singing a chorus of "Hallelujah these clothes are clean."

What a load of crap. This laundry goddess is a housewife. Yes, that lowly female who specializes in domestic chores that while they are necessary they don't get you accolades from your husband, children, or any of the rest of the world. Have you ever been to you husband's company party and when asked , "What do you do for a living?" you speak up with pride and say, "I do laundry." You can just see from their expressions that they are thinking, "She's one of those people. A woman who doesn't do anything but stay at home.

I think my first inkling that I was a laundry goddess came when my oldest daughter was given an assignment at school that involved drawing what her mother did for a living. You can just imagine my pride when I was presented with a drawing My Mother Does Laundry. I could just envision it hanging in the classroom midst the other drawings of my mommy the lawyer, my mommy the dentist, my mommy the doctor. My chest filled with pride as I stood with basket in hand and realized that my child had chosen amongst all my varied talents to showcase my ability to keep the family's clothes clean!