As the curtain falls
On the world's idiocy
You will find me sitting
In the audience not asking
For nor wanting an encore
I sit for a few moments
While the curtain of darkness
Envelops me then I run for
An exit that will take me
Away from everything
That resembles reality

The darkness extends
Its soft beautiful hand
And leads me into a
World where I don't have
Any questions and I seek no solutions

The velvety curtain protects
Me from evil until it has
To leave me and rise on the world again
But with the first signs of the inevitable dawn
I cower in my corner and
Try not to see the world
That's revolving around me

I wait until it is time for
The curtain to fall and I know
The darkness will take me
Once again into a world of unreality

Susie C
The photograph is one of my own taken on one of my early morning walks.
(I wrote this when I was 15. I had been sexually abused as a child and had hidden it from everyone. My poetry became my therapy where I could release some of the darkness in me.)