My Love Sleeps

As you sleep next to me so close we could be one
I watch silently as you dream
Your gentle breath upon my face is like the
Whispering wings of a butterfly

Memories of all the years we have been together flood over me
I remember the first time I saw you so tall -so handsome-so young
You reached out your hand and led me onto the dance floor
Without knowing it I was taken in the embrace of the one
Who would hold all my tomorrows

Recollections of strong arms cradling tiny cherubs with rose bud cheeks
Little girls with doe eyes reaching up to be drawn
Into the circle of your arms-to be held by your strength

Whispers of the times I heard you proclaim your love
For me tease me while the music of your laughter plays softly in my soul
The harmony of our beings orchestrates a love song that has no end

Soon you will stir to begin your day
But while I can I will hold my slumbering love
I will keep you close for just a few more moments
Dream on my love
I am here with you

Susie C