Break Your Mirror And Think What You Want

I looked in the mirror this morning and immediately focused on all the things I perceived to be wrong with me. My lips are too thin. I have crows feet. Oh now there is a new wrinkle around my mouth! And you don't even want to hear what I was thinking about the rest of my anatomy. I began thinking of plastic surgery where the artistry of the surgeon could make me into that beautiful vision I had been dreaming about.

Wait a minute! Why am I obsessing on my physical appearance? Well I know why. All forms of media tout that physical beauty is all that matters. It is that magic carpet ride to perfect happiness. They fail to tell you beauty without substance is often ugly. I have devalued who I am as a person by only looking in the mirror and seeing what I lack.

A revelation came to me. I had an answer to derail my thoughts from that endless quest for perfection. Break your mirror and think what you want! Now before you think I have lost my mind I didn't go around literally breaking every mirror in the house. I broke the hold that had me basing my worth on what I saw in the mirror.

What I should reflect to a watching world is what is inside of me. That quirky sense of humor that has me laughing more at myself these days. A heart that will have me crying with someone who is hurting or trying to find words to help them make their day a little better. Letting go with that inner child who can still be in awe at seeing something for the first time. My spirit that has me dancing when no one else is on the dance floor.

While taking an inner look I also perceived there are areas needing help. Areas that require an emotional face lift or a nip tuck on self indulgence. Problem areas I have not dealt with because I had spent so much time focusing on the outer me.

I am celebrating my broken mirror. In its shards I can see all the different things that make me ME! There is much more beauty in one's self than what can be seen in a mirror hanging on a wall. If you walk away only focusing on what you can see with your eyes you neglect a chance to see what is inside. Perhaps it is there you need to do some work. So I encourage everyone to break your mirror and think what you want!