Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life Dance of Joy

Some days I don’t even know who I am
The mirror shows me one face my soul another
Those eyes looking back at me tell a story
My heart does not believe

Reflected is a face that life has lined with
Pains markings of deep furrows erasing youth
Wearied eyes knowing there will be fewer tomorrows

Yet in my spirit I hear the child whose sunshine voice
Brightens my being with her laughter as she dances
Along my heartstrings in a ballet of life’s joy

Life’s calendar may have passed my youth
But days counted in only looking toward endings
Are a bleakness in which I will not live

I will take the hand of my spirit child to
Dance in celebration of each day I am given
A choreography of exaltation to be taught
To those who come my way

1 comment:

LARRY said...

An inspiration for us all in our journey thru life.....Luv....LARRY